Bandit Level 1 - OverTheWire

I love wargames. They're a great way to learn independently and give you the chance to try things out in a guided/organized way instead of just fumbling around in your own lab at home. 

OverTheWire's Bandit is basically their entry level set of wargames to get you familiar with basic commands and concepts when it comes to ethical hacking. 

Over the next while I'll be posting solutions for each of the levels to Bandit. I'll also move on to the other wargames after. Some of them I've done. Others, I have not. So I'll be learning at the same time. 

Level 0 → Level 1

The first task is straight forward. It's essentially a matter of ssh'ing into the box and reading the password in plain text. 

 We have the password. Time to move on to Level 2.